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20 minutes to appear

(2017) Performance, cardboard cutouts, epoxy and pigment runways

“20 minutes to appear” is a performance working on the pose, improvisation, and the concept of spectacle.

The title comes from the idea that ‘the pose takes 20 minutes to appear’. During our research we found that in any durational static pose, no matter what, the body of the performer will naturally have small adjustments, due to their breathing, muscle micro-movements, weight sifts, and that only after 20 minutes the real pose settles, and becomes sustainable.

The work explores the sustainability of an image’s energy of attraction and the moment it loses that spectacle.

Two performers circulate in between performing and unperforming, in a fluid durational piece where they experiment with composition of imagery, and the relationships between themselves and the audience.

The questions the artists are proposing are - how long can a pose be attractive before losing the layer of spectacle and becoming obsolete? And how long can one allow the image to be, when in an hyper- consuming society one is overloaded with ever changing images? Can you, as performer, really unperform? Or will the gaze of the audience make the performer ‘active’ all the time?

The work is open. The piece presented is not finished nor stagnant, but rather a work receptive to change throughout its longevity while being responsive to its audience, the space and everything around. 

Presented as part of PIAF (Peckham International Art Fair)

All photos at Piotr Krolicki

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