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Antonio Branco & Riccardo T. are a performance art duo based in London, originally from Portugal and Italy respectively.

Their work is about the body and its presentation. About its physicality, aura, psyche, and identity. The body is their first and ultimate instrument, raw material and site for performance.

With their work Antonio and Riccardo aim to get people to reconnect with the forgotten freedoms of their bodies and minds. 

By drawing from their own experiences their work primarily focuses on the queer body, the energy inherent to such a presence and its social implications. Their research then branches out into related themes of contemporary sexuality, gender norms, porn consumption, and fetishisation.


Antonio Branco is a Portuguese performance artist based in London. He moved to London at 18 years old to study at London Contemporary Dance School. Since he graduated he has been creating his own work with Riccardo T. while working with other artist like Trajal Harrel and Donna Huanca. Antonio has worked and performed internationally around Europe.

Riccardo T. is an Italian performance artist based in London. After finishing his studies at La Scala and working in ballet for a year he moved to London at 20 years old to study at London Contemporary Dance School. Since 2014 after graduating from LCDS he has been creating his work with Antonio Branco, while working with other artists such as Donna Huanca, Nadim Abbas, and Clod Ensemble. Riccardo has presented work and performed internationally around Europe.

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