Antonio Branco and Riccardo T.

with Celina Liesegang and Olivia Brown

An Invitation

Walk & Talk Festival (PT)(2014)

Lab Congrego (2014)

Slade School of Fine Art (2015)

Greenwich Dance Agency (2015) 

Photos: Rui Soares

An invitation is a piece devised to happen only with the audience help.

Timing, composition and actions are removed from the performers' hands and given to the public.

This creates an environment where we are all participants and creators, a place where sharing and attention to others choices are essential for the outcome of the piece.

Originally created during .2Dot's residency at Walk&Talk Festival in 2014 (Azores, PT) the piece has been performed a number of times for different audiences and spaces (gallery, theatre, TV studio, kids festivals), and it's currently an ongoing project.

To know more about the project click the link on the right. 

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