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In an iconoclastic performance two individuals interact from image to image in a flow of pain, truth, and hypocrisy. While enacting violent and sexual acts they read statements of political and philosophical nature shaping the surreal performance into a radical lecture on virility, femininity, contemporary sexuality, porn consumption, cybersex, polyamory and gender norms. Both performers are naked and holding candles moulded from their own erect penises. They burn slowly and melt over their bodies. 

The performance functions through a conceptual script, it's never rehearsed and it's allowed to change constantly, with different spaces and contexts. It will eventually set into a final piece, throughout the next year, whatever that means.  

As part of the ongoing project we are creating a series of sculptures casted from bodies present in the areas we perform.

"One of the most remarkable examples of the slippage between video image and sexual performance is clearly evident in oral sex. The porn convention shows oral sex as a form of foreplay. During the money shot, the insertor pulls out and then concludes the act by masturbating onto the face of the partner. This practice goes by the contemporary slang term of receiving a ‘facial’. The dominance of the facial in sex videos has taught a new generation that this is precisely what is meant by “oral sex”. The imprinting effect is so overwhelming that younger men believe that receiving a facial actually produces an orgasmic sensation as their partner’s autoerotic climatic pleasure is intellectually transmitted to them and interpreted as their own."

[M.Meyer, An archeology of posing, 2010] 

Photo credits: 

Sara Pinheiro 

Marcel Lennartz

Holly Revell

Aaron Bergmann

Natalia Janula

Julia Sterre

Performed at:

Espacio Gallery (2019)

S'ALA spazio Arte (2019)

Antwerp Queer Art Festival (2019)

Walk & Talk [installation work] (2019)

CAMPerVAN (2019)

Look What The Cat Dragged In (2019)

DICE Festival (2018)

Lady Eve (2018)

And What? Queer Art Festival (2018)

Future Rituals (2018)

Pornceptual (2018)

Limewharf 30th Section 28 (2018)

Unite the Union (2017)

Assembly Point (2017)

Art Leaks (2017)

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