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-Gone Rogue Members Collection (UK)

-'Loaded' virtual installation and one-on-one performance BUZZCUT (UK)

-'Post Apocrine', video art for 'What will the future look like?' The Place (UK)

-'Post Apocrine', video art for VAGA (PT)


- 'Post Apocrine', video art installation for ]performancespace[ (UK)

- 'Lockdown Desire' for Walk&Talk 9.5 (PT)

- 'In 5 G', No Dance, No Revolution' (CL)

- 'In 5 G', Riposte (UK)

- 'In 5 G', 'Post Apocrine', The Queer Archive (GR)

- Trail for Performance N2, Queer Artist Now 2020 (UK)

- Post Apocrine, Arts Admin Building, Steakhouse Live (UK)


- Burning Pricks, Espacio Gallery (UK)

- Burning Pricks, S'ALA Spazio Arte, DSD Festival (IT)

- Q-HUBRIS, The Gaze, Nonclassical (UK)

- A Queer House Party by Christopher Matthews, V&A Late (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival (BE)

- Burning Pricks, Arquipélago Centro des artes contemporâneas, Walk & Talk (PT)

- Burning Pricks, Camp_erVan (UK)

- GAZE DIALOGUE, Intonal - Inkonst, (SE)

- Marginal Bodies, Chisenhale Dance Space (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Look What the cat dragged in (UK)



- Burning Pricks, Lady Eve Ldt. (UK)


- Artist Talk, Soho Supper Club (UK)

- Q-HUBRIS, Still Life, Sadler's Wells (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Queer Art(ist) Now (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Dice Festival, Camden People Theatre (UK)

- A Queer Hang Out by Christopher Matthews, Chisenhale Dance Space (UK) 

- SOFTCORE BOUNDARIES, Dans I Blekinge, Residency (SE)

- Burning Pricks, Future Rituals II, VFD (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Limewharf (UK)


- Burning Pricks, Pornceptual (UK)

- Burning Pricks, World AIDS Day (UK)

- 20 Minutes to Appear, PIAF (UK)

- Burning Pricks, Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde, Assembly Point (UK)

- Weltschmerz, DContemporary (UK)

- IM_posed, House of Illustration (UK)


- Research on Body, Chisenhale Dance Space (UK)

- [VIDEO] Rituals, Bubble Bath, Assembly Point (UK)

- Queen&Queer, Pornceptual/Homostash (UK)

- Queen&Queer, The Place (UK)

- I must say you look in your element on the stairs, Zabludowicz Collection (UK)


- Trailer for a remake of Chorus for Four, Green Ray (UK)

- The things in shells, Dance Umbrella, Village Underground (UK)

- Chorus for Three, Assembly Point (UK)

- Fringe Shorts at The Place (UK)

- An invitation, Slade School of Fine Art (UK)

- I'm sorry you are leaving, Footprint Festival (UK)

- I'm sorry you are leaving, The Place (UK)


- An Invitation, Lab Congrego (UK)

- An Invitation, Walk & Talk Festival (PT)

- Fringe at The Place (UK)


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