Antonio Branco and Riccardo T.

I'm sorry you're leaving

The Place (2015)

Photos: Karolina Badja and David Waldner

I'm sorry you're leaving is a dance theatre piece created on four performers, all over 55 and not dance trained.

The piece explores their real memories and and lives through surreal imagery, dance, touching monologues and pop scenarios that make the whole thing almost unbelievable. 

Performers: Gilly Hanna, Roger Cox, Angela Frampton, Jilly Connick.

"...the most thoroughly surreal experience.  And it was fantastic! Consistently surprising, and so original!"

London Rocks!


The stories they each tell, both poignant and funny, have the immediacy of truth delivered in circumstances and (wonderful) costumes that are pure theatre, and their dances and songs are real.

(...) it's dance theatre with a rich —not to mention mature— imagination.

Nicholas Minns, Writing about dance

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