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(2021) virtual installation and one on one performance.

Please read the following instructions thoroughly before starting your journey through the work.

1 - Please consider you choices carefully. Once made, they are definite.

2 - Once a choice is made please do not go back using the option on your browser; doing so and submitting multiple options may cause glitches in the system.

3 - When a play button is shown at the top of a page you can click it to start the page’s soundscape. If you haven’t yet, please try clicking the play button at the top of this page.

4 - Please note that this is the Alpha version of the work. The full work will be released in June 2049. Glitches and technical difficulties are the only parts of this work that carry artistic value.

5- Please make sure to have a glass with a drink of your choice. Do not drink it until instructed to.

6 - The work starts here, on this page, with these instructions and their meaning. 

In a parallel universe, people have been isolating for more than a year. 

People are tired, alone, and miss human touch. 

In this hell world, LOADED was created. 

A place where fantasies come true. Where you get to choose how you will spend a little bit of your time, and maybe feel a bit less overwhelmed by everything.

Here, those fantasies are all that matters. Professionals have been hired for your virtual world creation, a mix in between 2012 cam-individuals and 'I found your email and thought of messaging you' phishing people.

These professionals have trained intensely to explore those fantasies, selected through dating apps, park dates and hardcore ghosting. 

They can be all the fantasies at once. They are a blank canvas, but are somehow already created for you. They can message thousands of people simultaneously, recreating themselves constantly. They can embody bimbos, old-wise mothers, dominatrix, mask 4 mask, heroes, himbos, femme fatales, slaves, masters, and great mothers.

They live in a limbo made of disconnected atoms, discording sounds, and quick clean yourself with that tissue next to your bed.

Their gender is the gender of demons.


Commissioned and presented  BUZZCUT festival 2021.

All copyright @Antonio Branco and Riccardo T. 

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