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(2019) Performance, mixed media

Marginal Bodies is an installation that can hold its own as an exhibition which then gets activated by four performances.

The work is divided in 4 performances. Each performance activating the space in a new form. With each activation the installation changes, loaded with new meanings and traces of the performance left behind; altering its structure and aesthetic. 

The performances are a collection of love letters written by two people exploring their own sexuality with each other but through other people.


The performance itself focuses on abjection. Abjection from elements of the body as the other, functioning as an analogy to being an outsider. To being an immigrant, a foreigner, a queer, and  feminine.


The performances is brought to life by simple actions, tableaux vivents , and readings. Transforming the installation into a set and platform to present ideas, possibilities and testimonies.

Performed at Chisenhale Dance Space

Photo @Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz

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