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(2020) installation, 4 hours performance

Produced inside apocrine glands, milky, oily, it seems like that its journey will be infinite.  If I lift my arms over my head, I can feel it running down my ribcage, convex and concave turns, breaking the symmetry of my body. It is a stream of pleasure, but also fear, worries, segregation, but also content, relaxation, calmness. 


Physiology: Apocrine – relating to or denoting multicellular glands, which release some of their cytoplasm in their secretions, especially the sweat glands associated with hair follicles in the armpits and pubic regions.


Through a series of “meditative” actions this performance aim to navigate queer and power narratives within their own relationship and within the space and audience.

Presented at SLOW SUNDAY by Steakhouse Live 2020. Arts Admin Building

Photos @Antonio Branco and Riccardo T. and @Greg Goodale 

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