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Some forms are begging to be revealed (2019), 

print on mesh, 90x250cm 


  • Post Apocrine - VAGA (2020)

  • Poly - Queer zine Dictionary - The feminist library (2020)

  • Still Life Magazine (2018)

  • Pornceptual (2018)


  • Yearly guest lecturer for MA Fashion Goldsmiths University London (2022-Present)

  • Yearly guest lecturer for MA Design Goldsmiths University London (2018-Present)

  • Masterclass workshop on alternative research and development for BA Desgin at Goldsmiths University London (2018-2020) 

  • House of Illustration Masterclass (2017)

  • LCDS yearly guest lecturers (2016-2020)

I know you are there (2018)

print on mesh, 90x250cm

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