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2018 (Performance, video art piece)

SOFTCORE BOUNDARIES is a work developed during the 2018 residency in Ronneby, Sweden.

In Ronneby, a town of 12,000 people we automatically felt uncomfortable and unsafe. We felt the need from the get go to tone down our queerness, we started dressing as “straight” as we could, minding our behaviour in public and carefully choosing which streets to walk. Even after that, for some reason the energy we carry with and around us is enough to be recognised as something strange. The stares didn't stop, and the occasional shouting, pointing and laughing continued. We had no idea what they shouted at us, they did so in Swedish.

This became our focal point to work with. The idea that there might be an inherent queer energy attached to our existence and that even naked and in stillness we would be “clockable” somehow.


We started exploring our experience of living in a place like London with approx. 9 million people and a rich LGBTQIA+ culture, to living in Ronneby. And really allow this experiences to affect our work and the way we work.

Performed at:

SLAP Festival, York (2019)

Land 404 (2018)

Dans I Blekinge:

Massmanska Kvarnen(2018)

Konsthallen Karlskrona (2018)



Antonio Branco and Riccardo T.

Simone Aersoe

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