Antonio Branco and Riccardo T.

The thing in shells

Village Underground - Dance Umbrella (2015)

Covering in order to rediscover. Annihilate spatial and people identity while discovering a deeper level of consciousness.

Two performers (male and female) lived for 4 hours in a space created in more 12 hours and using 9 km of white tape, all while wrapped in the same material. They only had pieces of body showing, and the movement, constricted but organic, accompanied the evening of performances, dancing, and drinking in the galleries of Village Underground. 

The audience had to walk through the installation to access the bar and this allowed an intimate relationship between spectators and performers. 

Video-documentation of the making-of the installation that Antonio and Riccardo created for 'The Factory' by Tony Adigun, for Dance Umbrella 2015.

Special thanks to Manoel Arciga, Lea Collet, Paige Jackson and Celina Liesegang for the help given in making this project come to life.

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